Fly with me: TCX2KML can show recorded altitude

... much easier than before. Although my Training Center to Google Earth Converter already had an option to show certain recorded tracks at their actual altitude instead of sticking them to the ground, this feature was rarely used. Probably, because it was not obvious how to activate it - you had to read my web page, it was a bit cumbersome - you had to edit the comment fields of the desired Activities in Training Center, and for some users - those using Training Center on a Macintosh - it was not possible to use at all. But this has changed now, thanks to Norman Warthmann bringing my attention to the problems of Mac users. Now the converter has an additional option, which can be selected via the web page. It switches to "altitude mode" for all recorded tracks. As you can export single Activities from Training Center for some time now, such a global option is not much of a problem any more. So, go, err..., fly ahead. Record some nice airborne activities and view them in Google Earth. I am looking for good examples of tracks recorded during paragliding, skydiving, aerobatics or whatever you do up in the air. I'd like to publish a more exciting demonstration on my web page. Because let's face it: Anything is more exciting than a commercial flight from Madrid to Düsseldorf...

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